When the crap hits the fan

I’m going to try to write an embarrassing or funny story on Funny Fridays.  My top embarrassment is written here.

This happened on our most recent flight.  The flight was smooth-sailing.  I always try to go to the bathroom before the descent just in case I can’t go for a while.  As I felt the descent begin, I realized I hadn’t gone yet.  So I passed the baby off to my husband and headed in to take care of business.  In the middle of this process, the planes hits some major turbulence.  I am rocking from side to side and up and down.  I’m getting sea-sick. And I realize I need to get out of there!  I wipe as well as I can while rocking around.  I jump up trying to wash my hands, flush and get my pants up at the same time.  I’m worried somehow the stuff will exit the toilet and get on me and I start panicking.  We then hit the worst turbulence I’ve felt in 6 years of traveling!  My feet leave the ground and my head hits the ceiling with my pants down.  For some reason, not having pants on when you hit the ceiling is so much more vulnerable!IMG_2756

I’m pretty sure my pants were up as I exited the bathroom, but they definitely weren’t done up!  I couldn’t get to my seat fast enough!  I grabbed the baby and tried to walk as carefully as I could.  Holding every seat as I passed and gripping baby tightly.  I finally sat down and locked baby in as fast as I could.

We didn’t hit another bump until wheels down.


Junior Ranger Programs at National Parks

Leaving Phoenix - Carlsbad Caverns (10)
Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico


We LOVE national parks.  We have never been disappointed in our visits to these spectacular pieces of our country.  They are well-preserved natural habitats.  The cost to get into the park are a small fraction of the amount of things to do and see and experience.  It is well worth the money!

At EVERY major national park, there is a Junior Ranger program for the kids to complete Usually it is free, although we did have to pay a couple of bucks for one at the Smokey’s because there was not park entrance fee.  There are usually 2 different programs, one for readers (6 yrsold-12) and one for younger children.

Tennessee - Jackson takes a photo of black bearTaking a picture of a bear for his Junior Ranger Program.Our first stop at a National Park is always a visitors center.  We watch a movie, see some of the displays, grab a map, talk to the rangers about kid-friendly outings or any info we need to know and then ask for a Junior Ranger Program.  The kids work on these activities in the car and on our outings.  On our way out of the park, they like to return to any visitors center, show the activities they’ve completed and be ‘sworn in’ as a junior ranger to get their ranger badge.

Olympic Nation Park - Under the Tree
Olympic National park



Getting Sworn in at the Everglades National Park, Hats and all!

They are all specific to the things they will be seeing in that park and have pictures, puzzles, games and kid-friendly information.  I feel like these are most secretive than they should be!   You always have to ask for them and the rangers are usually like, “Oh yeah!  Those!”  why don’t they just have them out to take?  Anyway, my mission is to get the word out to our junior members of society to make our trips to National parks more meaningful and memorable!


Maine - Hallie & Jackson in the Forest
Acadia National Park Junior Rangers
Hawaii - Family at the Lava Tube (2)
Hawaii Volcano National Park Junior Rangers