Double duty Diaper

Airplane travel with four kids can be tricky to pack and prepare for.  Especially since we travel standby, I try to fit everything into carry-ons.  We frequently can’t check bags, since we may not make it on the flight!  These are all excuses for myself.  Really, I am just not a detail-oriented person and frequently find that I am under-prepared for travel.  Honestly, I am impressed that I usually have most of what we need.  I haven’t forgotten as many items as I think I would, so I’m just going to praise my successes.  However, there are a few awkward instances of needing something we just don’t have.

We followed dad on a work trip to sunny Arizona.  The sun is BLAZING there.  No cloud cover.  Our plan was to spend most of our day at the resort pool.  I bought baby-friendly sunscreen (divided out into travel friendly portions so we can get through security).  I packed all the kids floaties, suits, cover-ups, goggles, etc.

I drag ll the gear up to the pool.  Yep, I had to carry a stroller of stuff, plus a baby, up several stairs since this was not a stroller friendly resort.  (I guess the fact that it was built into a Butte should’ve been an indicator, but… you know, sometimes I miss things.)   I sunscreen everyone and we are finally ready to jump in the pool and I notice my babies thinly veiled head.  I realize I forgot to pack her swim hat… or any hat for that matter.  I try to rub some sunscreen on her hair, but it is all matted and sticky.  I know the sun cannot be healthy for her!   I’m searching through my diaper bag for a solution.  After trying on some clothing that she pulled off immediately, I finally found the best solution ever.

IMG_2091The diaper!  Always present, always clean, light weight, can be strapped right to the head so as the baby grows, they never grow out of the hat.  It covers the entire head with a slight cover for the eyes.   We swam for several hours and then baby fell asleep.  She never pulled it off and was fully protected!  I got to use this trick while hiking the next week, since I still didn’t have my hat from home.


She looked adorable and everyone got a kick out of seeing her, both at the pool and the hike.  Still, I like her swim hat better! Adorable, right?

IMG_2724What have you had to use in a pinch with kids?


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